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Take advantage of your current mortgage terms.

FHA, VA, & ARM loans are assumable mortgages.. This allows you to transfer your financing to a buyer with minimum expense and maximum benefits.

This technique gives consumers another way out if they have not had success selling the traditional way. It drives down homeowner cost, releases all liability, and has proven to be the most efficient way to sell.

Finding someone to assume your mortgage payment and property is easier than you might think. Takelist.com is a new online directory resource for assumable mortgages, dedicated to helping sellers and buyers connect directly.

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An Easy Alternative Selling Strategy

While equity values are declining, the reality is the assumable price may be more attractive to buyers.

A mortgage assumption involves simply finding a willing and able buyer to take on the responsibilities of your current home loan. The buyer will relieve you of your debt obligation to the lender and take over all remaining payment for the duration of the loan. You will be released of all liability associated with the loan and property.

FAQ Highlights

  • Release of liability documents are provided by your lender...
  • Loan look-up tools. Make sure your loan is assumable...
  • Conventional loans are not assumable, but...
  • House swapping to a different city or state? Use our directory...

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